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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 31, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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maryland's most powerful radar because the rain is pushing out of here as of now. but we are dealing with just one lone shower that's trying to move across to the eastern shore. we're seeing some in cecil county this morning but all in all things improving through the day in terms of the rainfall. we're also looking at a wind advisory that's in effect until 6:00 and that's for all the areas here shaded in this gray color. and this will continue throughout the day. we're talking about wind gusts up to about 50, 60 miles an hour. definitely possible. we've already gotten gusts up to about 50 and 60 in some spots this morning. so that trend will continue right through the afternoon. this is what we're looking at right now. temperature coming in at 48- degrees in arnold. 47 in bel air and baltimore coming in at 46 degrees. as we do have those winds out of the west sustained right now at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. so again, be prepared for the windy conditions as we go through the rest of today. and we're also going to be dealing with some snow and talking about some snow coming up. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook.
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good morning. good morning lynette. well, all that rain from last night has caused flooding across the region. you will want to be extra careful in carol county right on maryland 140 at main street. if you're traveling in baltimore county we have flooding reported up in cockeysville on western run road and also here in windsor mill that's going to be right on dogwood road at ridge road. avoid in area if you do -- this area if you do travel the region. heading out to howard county, this is what interstate 70 looks like at columbia pike. traffic is moving right along you won't have any problems letting over to 695 or wedding west out to -- heading west out to frederick. as far as 951 concerned, here's a live look at 175. traffic is starting to pick up but no delays as you make the push from elkridge to downtown baltimore. just 12 minutes. the jfx is free of the delays, an 11 minute ride right now southbound from the beltway all the way down to east fayette street. and 695 in great shape this morning on the west side just eight minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795
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down to 70. be careful though traveling across the key bridge. we have wind warnings in effect and another wind warning is in effect for the bay bridge. take it slow this morning. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. as she just said you may want to take it slow depending on where you live. we saw one to three inches of rain and that means in a lot of communities and on some roads, standing water which can be a danger. abc2 news linda so is live this morning in towson with the situation there. linda what are you seeing? >> reporter: the road here pretty bad. you can see the water is up to my ankles. we're here along york road where it meets chumleigh. take a look. this whole intersection here is flooded out. we have a state highway administration work truck manning the situation here. he has cones set up. arrow directing traffic into one lane because the road is flooded. we put a call out to several dispatch centers this morning and they tell us because of all that rain we had last night, this is the problem that you're going to see on some area
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roads. roads throughout the county, there are areas that are nodded. keep that in mind because it's still dark outside. and not all the roads are marked. so you might come upon some areas where there is standing water. again remember, no matter how shallow that water may look, you never want to drive through it. because it doesn't take much for that to turn into a dangerous situation. or even your car stalling out. so keep in mind this morning as you're getting ready for work or getting the kids ready for school, your morning routine might take a bit of a detour because of flooded roads like this. again this here along york road at the corner of chumleigh. you want to just give yourself some extra time this morning. and again never drive through any high water. it can be a danger. we're live in towson, linda so, abc2 news. three minutes after 6:00 right now from time to time the billboard that growths you to the homes in federal hill that are decorated with the flying race' flags -- ravens' flags. that is for sure. baltimore is caught up in a
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purple haze. at the natty bo store in south point for example they are helping spread the purple fever. did you see that super bo? pretty clever. the store is stocked with all the super bowl shirts that you could want and everywhere you look in the city you see ravens' purple. people are decorating their homes decorating the town for a victory celebration. there's no doubt a lot of love for the team that has brought this city and this community together. >> we love football around here. we didn't have it for a while. and everybody loves the ravens. >> we're raven proud around here. >> go ravens, we're going to win sunday! >> i like the way she thinks. tomorrow baltimore county departments will compete for the most enthusiastic fans to see who is the loudest. the competition kicks off tomorrow morning with the department of economic development at 8:45. ♪
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yeah, ellicott city. this is a light show celebrating the ravens and trashing the opponent. in this, light display, not only do we see go ravens afc champs and you can see the san francisco 49ers. topple to the ground after getting blowed up real good. >> i love it. well ravens' fans modell's are going to be giving away the limited edition super purple friday buttons and you can pick up the buttons after 12:00 today and then again tomorrow. they will be available at locations throughout the baltimore area including the stores in annapolis, arundel mills and the plaza and keep that in mind. keep this in mind as well. we have another live ravens special friday night. we're going to have team coverage of the best tailgating spots around the area and plus a breakdown of everything you can expect this super bowl sunday. it all starts right here at 5:00 and continuing through 6:00 p.m. and then we'll have an extra hour of coverage and that's happening at 7:00. in other news happening today howard county executive
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ken ulman will deliver the seventh state of the county address. he'll talk about his prior toys for the coming year. once again that's happening in hounders county today. we all know that marriage takes patience and compromise and also takes heart. >> apparently it helps your heart too. coming up this morning on "good morning maryland" why we're sharing the results of a new study examining heart health and the connection of marriage. >> we all know childhood obesity is a problem but there's new dangers to tell you about when it comes to your children. this may surprise you, we'll explain. >> we have dangerous weather overnight but in other parts of the u.s. a deadly storm system pounded the southern u.s. leaving a path of destruction behind it. >> all right, so the rain is almost out of here. we're going to be dealing with abeliasry day on tap. i'll -- a blustery day on tap. i'll tell you what happens behind the wind coming up. >> well lynette everything is moving right along here on 69 # at baltimore national pike but we are dealing with flooding across the region.
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i'll have the details coming up on "good morning maryland." >> you're looking at a live picture of new york city's times square. now time for techbytes. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, a hack attack on the "new york times." the newspaper says chinese hackers have been infill traiting its computer system -- infiltrating its computer systems the past four months. and it's a makeover for the blackberry. not only are there new phones running a new operating system, but the company that makes them has changed its name to blackberry. abc tech editor joanna stern says the first phone the z 10 may be too late for blackberry. >> it's probably not enough to bring back all the people that once used blackberry, some people will definitely love it but a lot of people out there are heal happen we the -- really happy with the iphone and android phones. >> reporter: and the z 10 won't be available until mid-march. and nintendod a mates sales -- admits sales of the new wii
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u console has been slower than hoped. but there won't be any price cuts. those are your techbytes, have a wonderful thursday, i'm rob nelson.
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news time now 6:10. severe weather overnight causing massive destruction throughout the south and midwest. >> abc2 news ed payne has the latest on the storm that's blamed for at least two deaths this morning. >> reporter: this tornado was caught on camera near interstate 75 in adairsville, georgia. power lines were toppled and a man was killed. truck driver traffic richardson saw the -- travis richardson saw the twister coming. >> it sucked my truck in like a vacuum and then it spit me out. >> reporter: she and her family rode out the tornado in their
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storm shelter. they lost their home, but survived. >> just got our home is gone. and then never expected to see anything like this. >> reporter: the tornado heavily damaged is manufacturing plant in the town. about 100 workers took cover and survived and employees at a local bank took shelter in a vault. >> probably weren't in there maybe 10, 15 seconds and you can feel the pressure in the air change like riding in an airplane. >> reporter: the storm system destroyed homes in nashville. one man was killed there when a tree fell on his shed. and in mississippi, a woman credits divine intervention for saving her life when a massive tree fell on her home. >> i'm telling you without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the lord woke me up and said get up. because i had no sooner got up and got out of the way then the tree fell on the house. >> reporter: today residents will be dealing with the cold windy and harsh realities. picking out of the pieces of the powerful storms, ed payne,
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abc2 news. >> so that's what we're seeing in other parts of the country but here it's a completely different story. it's really the wet weather. >> exactly. so we did have some severe weather yesterday. we had some thunderstorms, we were under a tornado watch for a while but we didn't get any active tornadoes, nothing on the ground. >> just kind of seems like we got soaked. >> . exactly we did and a lot of spots over 3-inches and still piling on that this morning. that's in just a minute. but let me show you the big picture this morning where we finally are seeing that rain pushing off towards the east as of now. and then our eye goes to the blue right? well that's the snow that's going to be moving in here as we go through the overnight and also into tomorrow morning. but let's get back to some of those rainfall totals because we really piling it on as yesterday we got 3 inches in some spots. and we're going to add on 1.26 inches in nor vistaril. so when -- norrisville. so when this is all said and done about up to 4-inches of rain and already almost another inch in shadyside this morning. but the rain is getting out of here and what we'll be talking about a lot today the winds.
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we already have the winds gusting up to about 53 in glen burnie. 54 jermantown and shadyside at 34. 41 in chestertown and bucktown a 56-mile an hour wind gust across the area. temperatures this morning are mild. but they will fall as we go through the day. so we'll end up in the low 40s as we go through the evening we're talking about temperatures dropping back into the 20s. so more seasonable-type weather. but this is what's going on at the surface for today. well, this is the front that brought us the severe weather yesterday. pushing out of the area alienia flooding. we'll have high pressure build in briefly before another cold front moves in tonight that's going to be bringing in much colder air. as we look at abc2's most accurate future trend. what's going on right now? here's the snow light in nature as we go into tomorrow morning. so just be prepared for that. you might want to leave a little bit earlier on the roadways and give yourself enough time. but we will begin to dry things right back out and we can see for today, the temperatures dropping off as we go through
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time. 44 degrees by about 3:00 and the seven day forecast looks like this. another chance for some snow showers as we go into the end of the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well even though the rain is starting to taper off we're left with a lot of flooding across the region. if you are traveling in anne arundel county be careful on 97 right at hoods mill road. also a lot of flooding this morning in baltimore county. right in the mill area, be careful on dogwood road at ridge road. and up in cockeysville. and a live look at 83 traffic is moving right along here at shawan road. no problems getting down to the beltway and it will be nice and clear as you get onto jfx. just 11 minutes right now from is beltway all the way down to east fayette street. 695 in great shape here at harford road. no problems traveling the inner loop down the 95 and 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. over on the west side of the
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beltway. normal conditions. just eight minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 and as lynette mentioned we are dealing with heavy winds this morning. so there are wind restrictions in effect for the key bridge as well as the bay bridge. take it slow traveling across them this morning. megan and charlie, over to you. news time right now 6:15 and we are following breaking news for you this morning. a person has died if a house fire in southwest -- in a house fire in southwest baltimore and that's where we find abc2 news' sherrie johnson. what can you tell us so far? i know you just got there. >> reporter: well, yes we are here live in southwest baltimore on rosedale avenue. take a look behind me here so i can set the scene for you of the fire. crews are still actually on the scene working on this fire. you know we just arrived not too long ago but we've already learned that one person was killed in this fire. another person was injured. and taken to bay view medical center for severe burns. now the call came out just before 5:00 this morning for this one alarm fire at this townhome. now we understand that the
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townhome is in the middle of the group and when crews arrived here at the 1,000 block of rosedale street, they found the home fully engulfed in flames. so once again, one person dead, another person injured. and taken to the hospital. and of course we'll continue to stay on the scene and talk to firefighters and learn more about what happened and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. reporting live here in southwest baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. tying the knot appears to do wonders for your heart. a study looked at more than 15,000 cardiac events during a ten year period and it found heart attacks were 58% to 66% higher in unmarried men and as much as 65% higher in unmarried women. researchers think it may be because married people have someone to confide in. as a way to reduce possible stress. also, they have better health habits as well because someone's there keeping them in check. a new danger for kids who are severely overweight. a recent stud did finds that obese children and teenage
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girls may be at an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis. >> that increases the inflammation in the body and multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune condition. so if there's too much information it can increase the risk of having a disorder that's associated with inflammation. ms is one of those. >> kaiser permanente researchers studied 75 kids diagnosed with pediatric multiple sclerosis. 56% of the kids were overweight or considered obese. you've heard her story but until now never heard the name. the baltimore woman's death prompted a state investigation and forced a closure of the med spa. tonight at 11:00 the family of the victim who died after getting an invasive infection at monarch med spa talks about her life and their cause. letting med spas and cosmetic surge centers in maryland operate with no state
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overnight. >> we are the guardians of her legacy and it's our job to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen to anyone else. >> tonight at 11:00 the entire interview and our investigation into the loophole. 18 minutes after 6:00 right now. on "katie" today dying to be beautiful. beauty trends that can prove to be fatal. you're going to meet a woman who wanted to improve part of her body. she ended up losing her limbs. here's a preview. >> you start experiencing symptoms. >> yes. >> how soon after your last injection did you experience symptoms? >> i got the injections done in 2004. and by 2005, i started to feel like hardness in my butt. and i wasn't sure that something was wrong. but i knew something wasn't right. and at that time, i was so embarrassed to call my doctor and tell her that i allowed
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someone that i do not know to come in and inject something in my body and now i'm having this hard tissue and now i'm having this itching. i was just -- it was just my ego. totally totally embarrassed to deal with that in the beginning. >> she is speaking out today and you can watch the show today 4:00 right here on abc2. coming up this morning at 6:00 a frozen food plant goes up in flames. >> we're going to show you incredible video and tell you the big concern when the flames shot in the air at in plaint. >> it was a once in a lifetime shot all caught on camera at the buzzer. the basketball player hits a full court shot. heave it up. throw it down young man. >> and look hat this. this is a live -- at this. this is a live picture of york road in towson and as you can see there's a lot of water on the roadways so be careful and allow for extra time this morning. here's a preview of "rightthisminute" which airs at 2:00 right here on abc2. >> hello everyone i'm beth
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troutman. >> and i'm steven fabian. >> johnny does it all. base jumping off the high level bridge in alberta. canada. this resulted in johnny getting a 287 dollars fine for press passing from the police. he says -- trespassing from the police. he says safety is his number one priority. you know the jump was illegal but he's fine with paying the ticket. >> i have a beautiful video. this was shot by a photographer named mark at mount victoria that new zealand and what we're seeing is the moon rise and it's a perfect full moon. it's not manipulated at all. if you look closely you can see all the people in silhouette who have gathered to watch. for all the latest videos you can catch us on "rightthisminute."
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thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. we have some video this morning that we cannot resist showing you. >> a high school basketball player makes a shot of a
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lifetime all caught on camera. the ball hit nothing but net at the buzzer. dish heave it up. let it go down. just like that. now this looks easy you know but ben gerard the 17-year-old captain made it look so easy he probably couldn't do it again. >> i just put it on my hip and i just tossed it with as much as force as i really could. >> he wants to play basketball as he goes to college in rhode island. all right, and take a look at what happened during an oklahoma baylor game. an extra player on the court six against five and after the ball was thrown into play, a kid ran out into the floor. but someone came scout and grabbed him -- out and grabbed him. all was okay. look at him. >> look at that little kid. so cute. it's now time for caption this where viewers send in pictures and we post them to the abc2 facebook page and allow you to caption them. it's of the cats from stacy. how cute looking out the window? it's generated a lot of
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comments on facebook. michael brown said did you see the size of that mouse? michael butler where's the snow and jennifer, waiting for the ravens to come home with super bowl rings. i sure hope they do. well please keep the captions coming and i need some photos to use tomorrow and next week. so e-mail your pictures to and thanks again to stacy for sending in such a great picture. megan and charlie, over to you. all right take a look at this. eight alarm fire at a frozen food plant in burlington, wisconsin. it started last night when flames shot high into the air and about 80 homes in the area were evacuated and there was some serious concern about ammonia leaks. officials say there was no explosion and the workers got out of the building safely. everyone is said to be doing okay. 6:25 right now. you certainly heard of sinkholes swallowing up cars and sometimes homes and buildings but it's care it's caught on camera. >> this one is a big one. a three story building all coming crashes down while the cameras were rolling when "good morning maryland" continues.
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watch the seconds tick away. we are counting down to super bowl sunday. and ray lewis' final game. hear what the heart of the ravens has too say about the upcoming retirement. a 5-year-old could face
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suspension from school. what he built with lego that is left some school officials feeling threatened. the world's largest automaker is now issuing a recall. what's wrong with more than one million corollas and lexus model cars. on this last day of january. thank you for joining us. i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. here's meteorologist lynette charles to let you know what else is out there. >> we're in store for some windy conditions that's for sure. and then we have some snow to talk about as well. but let's go ahead and start and take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. where we are seeing mainly just some very light rain showers now out along the eastern shore. queen anne, mill run. chapelwood just some sprinkles coming down across the area. we are really starting to wind this system up and then we're going to talk about what's going to be happening on the become side. but -- backside. but we're alexis simpson still continues to -- also still continuing to deal with the coastal flood advisory for the areas here staided in the blue -- shaded in the blue color


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